Geepas Electric Juice Extractor


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Manufacturer Number:GJE1643
Energy consumption:300 Watt



Geepas electric juicer offers excellent performance each time. This juice extractor features a powerful 300W motor. The Geepas Electric Juice Extractor offers a fast performance that gives you the freedom to blend juices in seconds. With a powerful motor of 300W, this juice extractor provides incredible performance. The ergonomic design of this juice extractor features one side for juice and one side for pulp. This juicer features an extra wide feed that lets you process fruits and vegetables entirely without cutting them. Thanks to the two-speed control, this Geepas electric juicer offers excellent performance each time. The push button start function of this juicer makes it user-friendly.

juice extractor


This Geepas juice extractor features a 300W powerful motor that extracts juice in just seconds. It has an extra wide feed tube that helps you to extract juice from vegetables and fruits entirely without the need to cut them into smaller piece.

juice extractor


This juice extractor with just a push of button produces the finest results of fruits and vegetables. It has two separate compartments with one side for collecting juice and the other side for the pulp. The compact design of this juicer gives you the freedom to store it easily.